/raIt/ verb past tense wrote past participle written /'rItn/
a) (I, T) to produce a new book, poem song etc: I can't come with you - I have an essay to write. | a concerto written by Mozart | write about (=describe something): The children are writing about their summer holidays. | well/badly written: The article's very well written. | write a program (=produce it on a computer): We're writing a program for a new spellchecker.
b) (I) to be a writer of books, plays, articles etc: “What do you do?” “I write.”
(+ for): Shaw started to write for the stage. (+ on): She writes on gardening for `The Daily Telegraph'.
2 LETTER (I, T) to write a letter to someone
(+ to): Have you written to John yet? | write sb a letter: I wrote her several letters, but she didn't reply. | write sb AmE: Steve wrote me about the wedding. | write that: The Ewings wrote that they might be able to visit us in the spring.
a) (I, T) to form letters or numbers with a pen or pencil: Kerry could read and write when he was five. | The price is written on the label.
b) (I) if a pen or pencil writes, it works properly: What use is a pen that won't write?
4 CHEQUE/DOCUMENT ETC (T) also write sth out to write information on a cheque, form etc: Wouldn't it be easier if I just wrote a cheque for the lot?
5 have sth written all over your face to show very clearly what you are feeling or thinking: He had guilt written all over his face.
6 nothing to write home about informal not particularly good or special: The hotel was good, but the food was nothing to write home about.
7 sb wrote the book on it spoken used to say that someone knows a lot about a subject: Ask Harry about shark fishing, he wrote the book on it!
write away for sth phrasal verb (T) AmE to write to a company for something that has been advertised: Write away for your free kitchen catalog today. write back phrasal verb (I) to answer someone's letter by sending them a letter: I sent them a card once, but they never wrote back. write sth down phrasal verb (T) to write information, ideas etc on a piece of paper in order to remember them: I wrote down the address in the back of my diary. write in phrasal verb
1 (I) to write to an organization asking them for information or giving an opinion: Hundreds of viewers have written in wanting to know the name of our signature tune.
2 (transitive write someone/something in) AmE to add someone's name to your ballot paper in order to vote for them
—see also: write­in write sth into sth phrasal verb (T) to include something such as a rule or condition in a document, agreement etc: I have to attend regular training sessions -- it's written into my contract. write off phrasal verb
1 (transitive write someone/something off) to decide that someone or something is useless, unimportant, or a failure
(+ as): We've written the project off as a non-starter.
2 (transitive write something off) to officially say that someone does not have to pay a debt: As part of the deal, all their debts were written off.
3 (I) to write to a company asking them to send you information on one of their products
(+ for): Are you going to write off for that free poster?
4 (transitive write something off) BrE to damage a vehicle so badly that it can never be used again
—see also: write­off write sb/sth out phrasal verb (T)
1 to write a list, report etc including all the necessary details: Write out exactly what happened and give it to your solicitor.
2 to write information on a cheque or a form: She calmly wrote out a check for $500 and handed it to Will.
3 to write something again in a better or more complete way: I'll write my essay out neatly and give it in tomorrow.
4 to remove one of the characters from a regular radio or television programme
write sth up phrasal verb (T)
1 to write a report, article etc using notes that you made earlier: I have to write up my report before the meeting.
2 to write your opinion about a new book, play, or product for a newspaper, magazine etc
—see also: write­up

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.


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